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We have had a ton of rain delaying our training and worked through a few issues to get to this point. I am starting on the hard side entry as she has a bit harder time with that. Newly she is offering the wiggle but not doing weave pole one. Any solutions. Finally found a treat that she loves and her drive went way up. Trying to short quick sessions to keep her engaged. I can’t treat at my side or she stopped going to the poles. Also need to work on not wrapping the tree, I don’t practice this but she is always thinking.

Kama (Administrator) June 23, 2020 at 3:38 pm

Weather happens! This time of year, for me, it’s heat 😉 The wiggle is because she is looking at you. If you can’t see it in “normal time” in your video, slo-mo it…she is using your motion/lack of motion to determine when to enter the poles. I usually just open the first set a little more to see if that helps. If that doesn’t improve it after a few sessions, then there are other things we can try, like going back to rewarding set 1, then set 2, and opening both sets, using targets (instead of throwing rewards)…just to name a few! Definitely keep your sessions short…that is super helpful for drive!

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